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Benefits Plus Consulting Group, Inc. was established in 1993 by its founder Norma Romero-Mitchell as an independent financial services firm to assist hardworking professionals and entrepreneurs to help build their wealth, preserve their legacies, and achieve their ideal financial prosperity. We pride ourselves on improving the financial status of our clients, and we stand as a hallmark of service in the industry.

Over the years, BPCG has evolved into a full-service employee benefits consulting and wealth management firm to serve a wider audience while still remaining true to its core mission.  In collaboration with a team of highly qualified consultants and resource partners, BPCG assists employers predominantly headquartered with in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic region to enhance the health, wellness, and financial fitness of their employees.

BPCG General Press 

BPCG General Press 

This section contains all the necessary information about media and awards for the communication segment and BPCG team. Please refer to this section for all related details.

BPCG Industry Press

BPCG Industry Press

Please refer to our Financial Industry media and awards section, which covers only the past five years.

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