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Eric I. Mitchell, MD MA FACPE CPE

Eric I. Mitchell, MD MA FACPE CPE

Chief Clinical Services Auditor

An active leader, educator and visionary, Dr. Mitchell has been prominent in the Philadelphia medical community as both physician and administrator for over 30 years. Since his training from the Hospital University of Pennsylvania (HUP) and the Perelman School of Medicine, Dr. Mitchell has been dedicated to quality, performance improvement and hospital standards review.

Most recently, Dr. Mitchell has been the Chief Clinical Services Auditor for the Benefits Plus Team. This has entailed clinical audits of major health insurance companies in the United States of America. Dr. Mitchell has brought success to health systems in need of systematic improvement and compliance with contractual and accreditation standards.

On the federal level, Dr. Mitchell has served as a Deputy Inspector General for the Department of Defense. Dr. Mitchell brought the DOD his expertise as a Health Outcomes Analyst and advised on medical management for all armed forces. Col. Mitchell's expertise also made him the consultant to the Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Administration. He also commanded two Combat Support Hospitals for the US Army, in New York and Puerto Rico over his 23-year career.

Dr. Mitchell's commitment to standardized and accredited health organizations has made him one of the areas most sought after healthcare consultants. During his tenure with the City of Philadelphia's Occupational Health Services, and the City of Philadelphia's Prison Health Services, he offered his background as a physician and his expertise in healthcare accreditation to meet the needs of changing healthcare delivery systems.