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Norma Romero-Mitchell

Norma Romero-Mitchell

President and CEO

Norma Romero-Mitchell, Founder & CEO of Benefits Plus Consulting Group, Inc. has made it her mission to empower women, entrepreneurs, and professionals to build wealth, preserve their legacies, and achieve their ideal financial prosperity. 

BPCG was born from Norma’s desire to educate underserved communities to foster a new culture of savings and investment that would promote wealth building and lead to economic empowerment & parity.

A native New Yorker and Cornell graduate, Norma left successful careers on Wall Street and executive positions in the insurance industry to found BPCG in 1993 and become an active member of the Philadelphia community. 

Her extensive experience in the areas of financial planning, employee benefits consulting, and investment management programs has attracted private clients, high growth businesses and municipal and corporate entities. Throughout her tenure as CEO, Norma has always prioritized the needs of diverse, multi-cultural workforces, and retiree populations. 

Norma’s extensive volunteer work gives ample evidence of her commitment to “giving back” to the community. She also serves as a role model and mentor for youth considering careers in business or finance by offering the opportunity for a paid year-round internship for college students.

Norma’s Past Awards & Honors: