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Are you interested in learning how to maximize your Social Security Benefits?


If Yes, this webinar is perfect for you!

On Wednesday June 24th at 12:00 pm join us for a free webinar ‘’Social Security - What You Need to Know to Help Maximize Your Retirement Income’’

Join us for this webinar, where you will discover tips and strategies that can help you generate the highest possible income to meet your individual needs and goals. You’ll learn:

  • When the best time is to start taking Social Security benefits
  • When to take payments as it can impact the amount of your guaranteed income
  • How married couples can increase their overall benefits
  • How to build an effective income bridge to help increase Social Security benefits


Norma Romero-Mitchell, President of BPCG will host and moderate this webinar with Jim Fahy, and Kyle Roy from AIG Financial Distributors to discuss how to maximize the benefits of social security and make them work for you.

Don't miss this opportunity